Episode 6

The True Cost of Food

Release Date: July 24, 2022

In this sixth episode,

we examine how the unequal price of food starts with production. Our guest, Cheyenne Sundance, highlights the necessity of paying fair wages for farm work and explains how she is making small-scale farming a viable livelihood by following the steps towards food sovereignty for herself and the team at Sundance Harvest. We’ll dive into the tension between food prices and fair wages while getting into one of Sundance Harvest’s central goals of providing dignified work to people who have historically been shut out from an equitable place in agriculture. Small-scale farmers feed the world, so let’s make sure they are fairly compensated!

For more about Cheyenne and Sundance Harvest, check out the following links.

As always, a huge thank you to the National Farmers Foundation (NFF)

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Who Will Feed Us Podcast Guest: Cheyenne Sundance

Cheyenne Sundance — Guest

Cheyenne is the director of Sundance Harvest, a year round urban farm growing flowers, herbs, mushrooms, and veg in Toronto. Cheyenne started Sundance Harvest from nothing but stubbornness, a nurturing love of the land and a drive to see true equity in agriculture. She sits on the Ontario board of the National Farmers Union as well as started the first BIPOC Farmers Caucus across Canada with the National Farmers Union and now sits on the Executive Board.

Who Will Feed Us Host: Aliyah Fraser

Aliyah Fraser — Co-Host

Aliyah is a Kitchener-based farmer who owns and operates a quarter acre market garden called Lucky Bug Farm. The farm is located within the Haldimand Tract and is on the traditional territory of the Mississauga, Anishnabeg, Attiwonderonk (neutral) and Haudenoshaunee peoples. She imagines a food system where more people have access to ecologically grown food, where there is less waste and where there's a better understanding of the labour it takes to get food from the farm to the table. Aliyah also has an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies in Urban planning from the University of Waterloo. She believes that food and housing are human rights. She lives in Kitchener, Ontario with her partner Thomas and cat Frankie.
luckybugfarm.com @luckybugfarm